Influent coming to iOS soon

Influent coming to iOS soon

Today, Three Flip Studios has announced the release of  the iOS version of their successful language learning game Influent. The game has already taught new languages to over 500.000 students on Steam. A new generation of students is about to be taught on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch as of October 20th, with new curriculum-enhancing languages and gameplay features.

In Influent, you can learn more than twenty different languages the same way native speakers do, by focusing on exposure to everyday objects in a virtual world. Through minigames you will test yourself to see what you have retained from the lessons you had. You can track your progress with the community through integration with Discord. You can learn French, Italian and Korean for free, and more languages like Japanese and Spanish can be acquired by purchasing extra language packs.

Below, you can see the iOS announcement trailer that gives a quick peak on how the game will learn you these new languages.

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