Inked: A Tale of Love Announces Its Release on Consoles on August 27

Inked: A Tale of Love Announces Its Release on Consoles on August 27

Indie games publisher Pixmain and indie development studio Somnium Games have revealed that their acclaimed game Inked: A Tale of Love, which is already available on Steam, will also be released on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch on August 27.

A story-driven puzzle adventure, Inked: A Tale of Love is an epic tale of love and hope. With a lot of adventures behind them, the Nameless Hero and his love Aiko decided it was time to rest peacefully, but after a short life together in the ballpoint pen drawn world, Aiko disappeared and the Nameless Hero embarked on a quest to find her. These events changed both of them, forever.

Nominated for Special Selection in Infogamer by Reboot and Best Visuals in Reboot Develop 2016, Inked: A Tale of Love was initially released on PC in 2018. The game has been recently released on iOS and Android (under the name Inked), a mobile version that earned four awards at GameConnection Asia 2020 (for Grand Award, Best Upcoming Game, Best Casual Game and Best Mobile/Tablet Game).

Check out the review for the mobile version of the game here.

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