Inked: A Tale of Love releases today

Inked: A Tale of Love releases today

Inked: A Tale of Love is a ballpoint pen-drawn puzzle adventure game about a Nameless Hero who is on a quest to find his lost love. This epic tale of love and hope is filled with puzzles that take our hero closer to his love. Thanks to its beautiful and unique art style, and dynamic gameplay, Inked was recently nominated for the Vermilion Gate Award and the Visual Excellence Award at the 2021 BitSummit.

The game was already released on Switch and PC and now Xbox and Playstation users can also enjoy the experience for themselves.


  • Draw your own journey in a stunning ballpoint pen-drawn world. Explore 10 hand-drawn different paper worlds
  • Unveil a heart-warming story to comfort your soul. Inked: A Tale of Love is a wholesome story-driven puzzle game in a time where we all need some comfort
  • Solve clever puzzles to save your beloved one. Use your magical paintbrush to draw geometrical shapes to clear obstacles and solve puzzles.

If you are looking to get the game, check out the price chart below:

  • PlayStation: $9.99 / €8,99 / £7.39
  • Xbox: $9.99 / €9,99 / £8.39
  • Nintendo Switch: $9.99 / €8,99 / £8.09
  • Steam: $9.99 / €8,19 / £7.19

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