Insurgency: Sandstorm – Six months more of free content!

Insurgency: Sandstorm – Six months more of free content!

Good news for the Insurgency: Sandstorm players!

On PC there will be Six months more of free content for Insurgency: Sandstorm. There will be quite some major additions awaiting the game during those six months. A level editor with tools will be added which will include mod support as well. Two new maps will be added as well as night versions of certain maps. There will also be quite a few new weapons and equipment added including Nighttime equipment for the night version of maps, Mini-shotgun attachments, toggleable optics and much more. More cosmetics are also coming both for Insurgent and Security teams.

Players that like the game to be just a tad harder will be happy to know that the hardcore ruleset will become available for every game mode. There will also be two new game modes added: PvP Frontline and Co-op Outpost. In PvP Frontline two teams will have a tug-of-war over multiple objectives to try and destroy their enemy’s weapon cache. Outpost lets players stake out and protect themselves in randomized locations against waves of AI enemies.

A lot of these updates are here because of the community surveys and player feedback so be sure to check them out. More information about the free content will be released in the upcoming months so be sure to keep an eye on our site.


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