Interactive trailer released for Desperados III

Interactive trailer released for Desperados III

Today, Mimimi Games have released a new interactive trailer for the upcoming sequel in the Desperados series, Desperados III. As this game is all about making choices, they’ve made an interactive trailer where you can make a choice to see how it will unfold.

When watching the trailer, you’ll see three guards in front of a building you want to enter. You will then get the option to either go loud or go quietly. Both options have different outcomes that represent the gameplay of the game itself.

Desperados III is a story-driven tactical stealth game set in a Wild West scenario. In this sequel, John cooper will join forces with the runaway bride Kate, the shady hitman Doc McCoy, the giant trapper Hector, and Isabelle, a mysterious lady from New Orleans. The game will take you to many different areas from rural towns to swamps and eventually to a dramatic showdown worthy of the game’s setting.

Check out the interactive trailer below and make your choice to see how it unfolds.

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