Iron Man #001 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Kieron Gillen
Illustrations: Greg Land, Jay Leisten
Coloring: GURU eFX
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Iron Man #001 – Comic Book Review

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The pretentious yet loveable Tony Stark is back, or actually, he has never left but Marvel decided to pour him into a new Iron Man series, just for us. This series will not contain an origin story, or at least not in the first issue and like the other two ‘new’ Marvel series we recently reviewed, the writer immediately throws us in the action. We were wondering how Tony, or rather Iron Man, would solve the stark situation at hand (yes, we actually used that pun).


Tony Stark, one of the few ‘superheroes’ that had no problem spilling his guts on who his heroic persona is, is still slightly bewildered by his own not-so-righteous past. He used to manage his own company, which supplied many of the world’s countries with weapons of mass destruction. Nonetheless, there are many other scientists or creators like him who made that certain invention that could benefit the world, but could also cause it so much harm. When Maya Hansen, one of Tony’s old lovers, suddenly sends him a prerecorded distress message about her past dubious invention being stolen, it seems Iron Man must make sure her dying wish of it being stored safely once again is honored. Maya’s invention is the Extremis virus, which can either benefit humanity by giving humans the power to regenerate or become a lot stronger, or be the ideal chance to create super soldiers who are trained to do a lot of evil.

When a seller soon turns up out of the blue, Iron Man crashes the party and finds out that the Extremis virus has already reached a few different buyers. It’s now only a matter of time before Tony finds these people or before the situation itself turns very dire.

This series is slightly more laid back compared to the other two Marvel series we took a look at earlier, but there is still a lot of action for you to process. That being said, there is ample information being handed out about the current situation, to make things rather clear. Most people will already know Iron Man or will not really require his background story in order to fully enjoy this one.

Kieron Gillen gives us a great glimpse on Tony Stark’s playboy millionaire behavior but also on the hero that is inside the man in the tin suit. He hands out enough information to become fully aware of what Tony’s motives are and what truly drives him.

Greg Land and Jay Leisten offer a great experience and show that they have the proper knowledge to bring heroes in mechanical suits to life. Everything feels detailed, even when character faces are fairly zoomed out. GURU eFX gave this collection of albums a rather glossy look, which makes the mechanical mayhem even more flashy than it already is.


Iron Man #001 might not be an actual reboot of the series, it does however present an interesting plot to start off a new series. Tony Stark’s persona is nicely put on the foreground and overall there’s enough action to get in that Iron Man mood once again. Certainly a series for Iron Man fans to keep an eye on.

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Rating: 8.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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Iron Man #001 - Comic Book Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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