Iron Man #008 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Kieron Gillen
Illustrations: Joe Bennet, Scott Hanna, Luke Ross
Coloring: GURU eFX
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Iron Man #008 – Comic Book Review

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It hasn’t been all that long since Tony Stark discovered he wasn’t a biological Stark, and that he was adopted, and actually had a brother Arno, who has been hidden away from the public up until now. Now both brothers are trying to rebuild Mandarin City, now named Troy, but it seems too many people are out for Tony’s blood, to make this utopia a viable thing. Nonetheless, Iron Man doesn’t give up, and he’s more determined than ever to find the ten mandarin rings, before Earth is completely destroyed.

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This bundle doesn’t really evolve that much, safe for some battles with those who currently posses a Mandarin ring. It’s clear that all of these people have one thing in common, namely a shared hatred for the man in the iron suit, and they will do their best to take him down, now with the addition of super powers. Nonetheless, one such person, Abigail Burns, seems to hate him the most, and wishes to bring him down like no other. Nonetheless, even though the ring grants her immense power(s), she doesn’t believe in pointless violence, and this may work to Tony’s advantage in the long run. Other than that, there’s a prowler on the loose, who wants to get all the rings for himself, one that is already dangerous without the Mandarin technology on his side.

It’s clear that all of these events are simply the interlude of a new story arc, or at least a new enemy for Tony Stark. Nonetheless, Kieron Gillen keeps things exciting thanks to the many battles, the overall relation between Tony and Arno and of course the eventual presentation of the new enemy.

Illustrations are once again fairly realistic, filled with clutter and other objects to make everything feel alive. The last issue in this bundle looks a bit different, as we’re heading towards a topic that is actually more suited for the Thor series, but the mixture of the two styles works perfectly. The colors are fairly faded and dark, which adds to the atmosphere of the city in peril, Troy.


Iron Man #008 brings us a teaser of things to come, while never straying away from the action packed path. While the story will not evolve that much during this omnibus, some interesting scenes are shown about the true threat that is now coming for Tony Stark, as well as how his brother is handling things. Certainly an interesting intermezzo for the series.

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Iron Man #008 – Comic Book Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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