Is There a New Terminator Survival Game in Development?

Is There a New Terminator Survival Game in Development?

When James Cameron made The Terminator in 1984, he couldn’t have anticipated just how big an impact it would have on mainstream culture. Its popularity led to numerous sequels, along with spinoff merchandise and games.

Now, it is being reported that a new Terminator survival game could be in the works. This will add to the wealth of content that already exists in relation to the hit movies and will give players a new way to enjoy the themes.

Reports Suggest Title is in Development

Rumours are gathering steam regarding a potential new Terminator survival game. According to a report from Gaming Bible, Nacon’s new studio, Nacon Studio Milan, is in the process of developing a massive new project. There has been no official release regarding the name of the game, but the studio did drop a couple of massive hints about it.

It said the title will be a post-apocalyptic survival adventure, and that it is based on a worldwide famous film franchise. It also showed an image that reminded fans of a clip from the original picture. This sent internet detectives into overdrive, and many believe that the evidence points to a brand-new Terminator game.

New Game Would Add to Wealth of Existing Terminator Content

If it’s true that a new Terminator game will hit shelves soon, it will add to the abundance of options already out there based on the films. These have become more prevalent in recent years, as developers know there will always be an audience for these titles.

Some recent games based on Cameron’s pictures include the mobile offering Terminator: Genisys, which is an MMO set in the dark and dangerous future the legendary director imagined. There’s also the Terminator 2: Judgement Day slot game by Microgaming, a company responsible for some of the best online slots.

Terminator games aren’t just a recent phenomenon either. There have been more than 20 games based on the franchise over the decades, and they date all the way back to The Terminator for DOS in 1991. The game from Bethesda Softworks sparked a trend in the industry that has never died away.

It seems highly likely that a new Terminator survival game is on the way, and players are hoping it will push their graphics cards to the limit. When it comes, it will attract a lot of players because titles based on the franchise are notoriously popular.

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