Isklander Trilogy releasing soon

Isklander Trilogy releasing soon

Today, developer Swamp Motel has revealed the date for the global debut of its upcoming escape room/ haunted house hybrid, the Isklander Trilogy. It will be making its global release on the first of July this year on PC.

In the Isklander trilogy, you can hack into emails, make phone calls, inspect websites and scrutinize social media posts to unravel a conspiracy that lurks just under your nose. With the game being part puzzle game, part interactive movie and part scavenger hunt, this limited time series will task a team of six to solve a cryptic mystery. Live action performances, newsreel footage and fourth-wall breaking research, the line between fiction and reality will get very thin in this game.

This alternate reality adventure requires players to book a time to undergo each chapter in this three-part adventure series. The team of Swamp Motel will watch over your game and see your team’s progress so they can ensure that each episode will feel as real as possible with a ticking clock.

To get an idea of how Isklander is played, you can watch the dedicated trailer below this post.

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