Isolation of the Dead announced

Isolation of the Dead announced

If you are to play survival horror games, chances are that these games are infested with zombies. The concept has certainly been overly used, especially as of late but this won’t stop Swedish indie developers Badhowen Entertainment.

Their zombie infested survival horror game, Isolation of the Dead, is a 3D side-scrolling RPG imbued with horror scenes and enriched with plenty action. Explore the intensive atmosphere which is intensified with a horror-themed soundtrack. Isolation of the Dead will mainly be a single-player game but once they’ve reached the two-player co-op edition stretch goal on Kickstarter, the game will also offer a co-op, both on PC and PS4. However they do have a long way to go before they reach their initial goal first, which means that the co-op experience may be wishful thinking.

Isolation of the Dead is all about surviving yet another zombie apocalypse in which modern civilization has gone to ruins. Set in the states of America, the player crawls into the skin of a soldier who’s sent on a mission to retrieve Professor Lars Olson, a scientist that has allegedly discovered a cure for the zombie plague that rages the country. While the soldier is certainly an experienced combat veteran, the military hasn’t prepared him for the persistent and ever-hungry zombies and thus the player will need to gain experience while advancing in the game.

The developers are planning to release Isolation of the Dead on PC, Mac and PS4 with several language localizations such as English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and even Danish. For a small indie studio, offering that many languages is a bold move but it may increase their target audience.

Enough about that, check out the gameplay trailer below to see some pre-alpha gameplay footage of the early stages of the game. You can always visit the Kickstarter Campaign and read up on Isolation of the Dead right here. If you do end up backing the project, you’ll receive a free copy of ENDLESSZ, another zombie-infested title for PC.

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