J.Rom: Force of Gold #2 Helder – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Bruno De Roover
Illustrations: Romano Molenaar
Coloring: Joël Séguin
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

J.Rom: Force of Gold #2 Helder – Comic Book Review

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Bad: Sometimes a bit chaotic
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Rating: 8.3/10 (3 votes cast)

We ended the review of the first issue of J.Rom: Force of Gold with the prediction the second volume would start off with a bang. Well, it’s eerie that our prediction came through. This means we would not want you, our faithful readers, to miss anything about J.Rom’s path of redemption, as a man and of course as the mighty superhero he once was.


J.Rom has lost his beer belly and has returned to his past top notch physical condition, ready to kick some ass. The first item on his checklist is to find the one responsible for the recent bombings and bring him to justice. That being said, finding the culprit might prove trickier than what J could have imagined, as for some reason the entire city is looking for J, instead of the mad bomber.

Not only are the local authorities searching for J, but there are also heightened security measures throughout the city as it is the five year ‘anniversary’ of the bombing that J.Rom could not prevent. This in itself already makes the hero quite weary but when you add up the fact that another foe from his troubled past will creep its way into J’s revival, he will truly be in a pickle.

J.Rom will not only face his adversary that goes by the name of Abaddon, – which is an ancient name for a place where the damned lie in fire and ice – , he will also have to fight another familiar face, that is out for revenge. Not the storybook type revenge however, but sadly one of a more sad nature, namely revenge for the loss of someone close, who could not be saved by J’s heroic powers.


Overall the plot is starting to thicken, be it at a rapid and sometimes unclear pace. It’s clear the writers are aiming for an action filled plot, with loads of suspense plot twists. Whilst this is certainly great for a comic series such as J.Rom, a bit more information would be nice at certain times. Some characters could require a bit more development, but nonetheless ‘Force of Gold’ has an entertaining, deep, tragic and action packed plot.

A personal ‘question mark’ goes out to the design of the cover. On the cover you will see Pi (Epifanie) wearing a superhero suit as well. Something that does not really have anything to do with the second issue of ‘Force of Gold’. We wonder if this is a teaser for a later number or just a small reference to the fact that she is also a part of the Force agency.

Illustrations prove to be the same style as the first issue, staying true to a more American comic book style. J.Rom wears this style with grace and we would not mind seeing other Belgian classics taking a throw at such a style.



J.Rom: Force of Gold #2 Helder is a great follow-up of the first issue. Not only are we treated to even more action, the dots are getting connected more and more as well. Sadly, as we are at the end of this review, we will have to wait once again for the next issue to appear. Short and simple: Great issue that’ll keep you yearning for more.


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Rating: 8.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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J.Rom: Force of Gold #2 Helder - Comic Book Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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