J.Rom: Force of Gold #4 Bloedmaan – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Bruno De Roover
Illustrations: Romano Molenaar
Coloring: Joël Séguin
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

J.Rom: Force of Gold #4 Bloedmaan – Comic Book Review

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Even though the J.Rom series was supposed to end after three albums, it was clear that the creators were simply waiting to see if the series would become successful or not. With many loose ends at the end of the third issue, it was quite easy to breathe new life into the series, and here we are. J.Rom is going to be extended for another two issues, but after reading through this first album of the second arc, it’s questionable if a true ending will be given. Nonetheless, Force will have to try to save the city, possibly the world, once again.

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and while it’s generally a time of happiness, other people might find it one of the loneliest periods of the year, while the last category is just bat-shit crazy and goes out to shoot people with arrows. If Abaddon wasn’t already a big enough threat, try a mother and son, who believe they can spawn the proper demonic offspring, if his son does enough human sacrifices and comes home with the right girl, albeit thanks to poisoned arrows. Sadly, luck isn’t on Pi’s side when she gets ‘persuaded’ by this grim version of Cupid. Intoxicated and confused, Pi joins the massacre and even though J.Rom tries to convince her to come to her senses, she repays his kind act with violence.

Meanwhile commissioner Gently is back at the police station slowly getting consumed by the ‘Force’ case. He doesn’t believe that J.Rom died in the battle with Abaddon and thus he wants to expose the organization and bring them to justice, as he still believes they are a terroristic cell. Little does Gently know that Force is trying to recruit one of his fellow agents, Thinner. Thinner is known for his rational thinking, and perhaps when he learns the truth from Force itself, things might turn in their favor.

A lot is going on in this continuation of the J.Rom series. Not only is a new foe presented, one that proves to be a real challenge, the unanswered questions about J.Rom still aren’t being answered, making it seem like the next issue still won’t resolve them. Nonetheless, action and fighting scenes are omnipresent, while this second arc takes a turn towards a more lugubrious topic. Bruno De Roover keeps things interesting and we are convinced this arc will have a lot of twists up its sleeve.

Illustration wise not much has changed. Romano Molenaar keeps in touch with a drawing style that would suit many American comic books, and of course this adult version of Suske and Wiske’s favorite strongman. The smooth coloring suits the glossy pages quite well and is also a typical sight in foreign comics.


J.Rom: Force of Gold #4 Bloedmaan is a great continuation of a series that was supposed to end after the third album. You’ll be treated to loads of action, new foes and above all, a very interesting story arc. While many questions still remain unresolved, the new topic will make sure you won’t be bothered by that at all. Honestly, we hope the next issue will not be the last one, even though this arc will only consist out of two issues.

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J.Rom: Force of Gold #4 Bloedmaan - Comic Book Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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