Jack of Blades is back in Fable Anniversary

Jack of Blades is back in Fable Anniversary

Lionhead studios seems to be teasing an upcoming game, with a Fable teaser trailer put up on their youtube account. Fable was released on the original Xbox in 2004 as a platform exclusive and went on to spawn Fable II and Fable III.

In Fable Anniversary you’ll be making your way back to Albion to face down the game’s antagonist Jack of Blades. You’ll also be able to learn about Theresa the blind seresse present in all of the games, origin in the original Fable. The remake of Fable will also include the Lost Chapters expansion, updated UI, leaderboards, smartglass integration, and achievements.

Much like Halo Anniversary, Fable Anniversary will be much more than just an HD port to the current system, a new lighting system, updated textures, a better save system, new facial animations, and cutscene animations will be making their way to the new edition.

The game is set for a holiday 2013 release exclusively on the 360, though I’m sure we’ll be seeing something about it during this years E3. Until then we’ll just have to hide our chickens.

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