Jackie Chan meets Vampire Survivors in Lawar’s latest title!

Jackie Chan meets Vampire Survivors in Lawar’s latest title!

Lawar has revealed Karate Survivor, an upcoming fast-paced, melee-focused game inspired by the action movies of the ’80s. The game combines the style of Jackie Chan’s films with Vampire Survivors-like gameplay. Players take on the role of a martial arts expert, utilizing fists, feet, and the environment to fend off waves of opponents. They can take advantage of a variety of combos and make use of their surroundings as a strategic advantage. In Karate Survivor, players can use various objects, from a plastic flamingo to a mop handle, to defeat enemies. The game offers a wide range of attacks and powerful combos. Environmental interaction is crucial, allowing players to push objects, cause scaffolding to collapse, or use a microwave door as a weapon. Players can develop their own fighting style by combining hundreds of attacks into unique combos, adapting to different strategic needs. The game includes diverse environments, each presenting unique challenges and combat items. Each zone features formidable bosses that test the player’s martial arts skills.

Key Features:

  • Improvised Combat: Utilize available objects, such as plastic flamingos, mop handles, or even a child’s toy hammer, to overcome adversaries.
  • Environmental Warfare: Leverage the environment to your advantage by pushing objects, triggering collapses, or using everyday items as weapons.
  • Dynamic Combos: Combine hundreds of attacks into unique six-move combinations that suit your fighting style. Experiment to find the most effective combos.
  • Progression and Mastery: Gain experience to unlock and master new techniques and skills, enhancing each playthrough.
  • Diverse Locations and Boss Battles: Fight through various areas, each with distinct features and combat items. Confront powerful bosses in each zone.
  • Fast-Paced Runs: Engage in rapid, intense street battles inspired by adrenaline-filled action movie scenes, providing a thrilling experience.

Karate Survivor will be released in the near future and can now be wishlisted on Steam.

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