JBL Quantum 910P Console Wireless – Hardware Review
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JBL Quantum 910P Console Wireless – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Functions, Sound quality, Included dongle
Bad: Premium price, Head-tracking isn't always precise
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It’s almost been a year since JBL was so kind to provide us with the Quantum 910 Wireless, which still is our main gaming companion. While the device was in fact a multi-platform headset, it still could use a few minor tweaks to make it even better for console gamers. Now, we are taking a closer look at the Quantum 910P Console Wireless, which is pretty much the same headset, but for PlayStation gamers. For our testing period, we traded in the attractive black 910 for the snazzy-looking white 910P model. For this review, we’ll mainly dive into the basic features and some differences between the original 910 model. Be sure to read our original review by clicking here.


Just like the Quantum 910 Wireless, the Quantum 910P Console Wireless looks rather classy. The design has remained pretty much unchanged, except for the general color scheme. The monochrome black has made way for a monochrome white headset, which stands out a lot more than its predecessor. The device still looks great for every type of gaming rig, and we reckon this color scheme was chosen to match the white and black design of the PlayStation 5. There are a few noticeable features present, such as the JBL logo on the exterior of the ear cups, as well as the R and L markings inside the ear cups themselves. The LED lighting has also remained fairly unchanged, and this new model still looks quite impressive with the LED lights on. The lighting is not over the top, and it matches other gaming peripherals with LED lights. If you’re not a fan of the lighting, you can simply turn it off, of course.


The Quantum 910P Console Wireless is a very comfortable device, even during longer gaming sessions. There’s ample padding in the headband as well as both ear cups. The 910P is an over-ear device, which means your ears won’t be squished when using the headset. The 910P is also just as heavy as the regular 910 model, which means it will take some time to get used to it if you normally use a lighter headset. Even so, the overall comfort factor does make up for the increase in weight. The build quality is also decent, as you’re treated to a very solid and sturdy device.

There’s no real difference in terms of the layout where the buttons and dials are on both ear cups compared to the 910 model. It does take some time to get used to finding the correct button or dial for the action you require. After a few sessions, however, you’ll be able to find all the buttons on the fly, and you’ll rarely make a mistake by pressing the wrong button. It’s still very nice to have all functions readily available, without having to open additional software.


The Quantum 910P Wireless Console is a plug-and-play device, and you’ll be up and running in mere moments. You can connect the device via its wireless USB-C dongle, which also comes with a convenient USB-A adapter. You can also opt for a regular Bluetooth connection or even a 3.5 mm connection. The options are all there, but we often simply opted for the 2,4 GHz connection via the dongle. This creates a very hassle-free environment, and it’s easy to swap devices when you feel the need to. As this is the 910P version, this means that there’s a focus on PlayStation gamers. That being said, this headset works pretty much the same as the original 910 model for PC, which makes this a perfect multiplatform device.

As stated above, all functions you’ll probably need are easily accessible via the buttons and dials on both ear cups. You’ll probably pick the wrong dials or buttons during your first few tries, but after a while, you’ll perfectly know where everything is. On console, the headset doesn’t require any additional software to run smoothly. If you do decide to use the 910P for PC gaming, it’s advised to install JBL’s QuantumENGINE software. The software is easy to work with, and when your device is first detected, you’ll also be able to go through a short tutorial on how the basic features work. The software is great for messing with different settings. These settings range from basic functions such as turning the LED lights on or off and checking battery life, to more advanced functions such as adjusting equalizer settings and trying out the head-tracking features.

In terms of battery life, you have nothing to worry about. With a single charge, we reached roughly forty hours when using the 2,4 GHz connection. When you opt for the Bluetooth connection, you might squeeze a few extra hours out of the headset. Even so, we didn’t constantly have to charge our device, which was absolutely marvelous.

The sound quality is superb. JBL clearly shows that they know what they’re doing when it comes to the quality of their audio solutions. Outside of creating a near-perfect gaming experience, the 910P is also amazing to use when watching your favorite shows, listening to music, or even listening to podcasts. This makes it not only a multi-platform device but also a multipurpose device. We often plugged in the USB-C dongle in our smartphone to simply zone out a little. The audio quality is incredible, and the device can also handle deep bass sounds.

Like the original, the 910P also has head-tracking. This gimmicky feature is quite fun, but we don’t find this necessarily a key feature. It’s impressive how the technology behind it works, as the sound shifts depending on how you move your head, but in the end, it still feels like a feature you won’t use that regularly.


JBL’s Quantum 910P Console Wireless is an impressive headset that shows that JBL knows a thing or two about gaming. We were treated to a comfortable device that provides amazing audio feedback, while also giving gamers the option to use the 910P on different devices for many different purposes. The 910P has all functions readily available via the buttons and dials on the ear cups, and the supporting software can elevate the experience even further on PC. We were extremely impressed by the quality, and even though the 910P comes with a hefty price tag, we can easily say it’s worth it.

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JBL Quantum 910P Console Wireless - Hardware Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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