JBL Quantum TWS AIR – Hardware Review
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JBL Quantum TWS AIR – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Comfortable, Battery life
Bad: Stick design had our preference
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Only recently we took a closer look at JBL’s Quantum TWS wireless earbuds, which were designed with gamers in mind. We concluded that this budget-friendly package was amazing for gamers who love to swap devices, and we simply adored the added USB-C dongle that made the aforementioned process so much easier. Nonetheless, there’s always room for improvement, and it seems that JBL is pulling out all the stops to improve the Quantum TWS by releasing the new model, the Quantum TWS AIR. We were lucky enough to try out these amazing new earbuds, and we truly enjoyed using them during our (handheld) gaming sessions.


The Quantum TWS AIR has undergone some changes when comparing it to the first model, the Quantum TWS. For the most part, the case looks very similar with its matte finish and glossy logo on top. The case is now slightly more compact, and when opening it you’ll quickly see the difference. This time around, the earbuds have a more compact shape as well, as JBL stepped away from the ‘stick’ design of the previous model. You’ll have more rounded earbuds, similar to some of Sennheiser’s products. The case interior is also more user-friendly, as you don’t have to insert the earbuds in awkward angles to make them fit. We reckon this is why the company stepped away from the original stick design. The case is now also easier to clean thanks to the new interior design.


In our review of the Quantum TWS, we praised the inclusion of a USB-C dongle, and the Quantum TWS AIR again comes with a USB-C dongle. We absolutely loved having this dongle included, as it allowed us to swap devices on the fly, or simply have more options open. The USB-C connection works wonders on Nintendo’s Switch or Valve’s Steam Deck, for example, but also for your normal smartphone if you rather have the 2.4 GHz connection that the dongle offers. You’re again able to multi-pair the device, which is always nice when you’re gaming but also wish to remain connected to your smartphone.

The package comes with a few different ear-tips, making sure you can find the right fit. We do recommend having a tight, sealed fit, as you’ll otherwise miss a lot of the experience that the QUANTUM TWS AIR offers. Inserting the earbuds into your ears will take a bit of getting used to, as the current design is made for you to slightly twist it when inserting it, allowing the earbud to rest properly in your auricle. The moment you get used to this, you’ll barely even notice the earbuds are there.


All in all, there’s no real setup required when first using the Quantum TWS AIR. You’ll either pair the earbuds to a device of your choice, or you can opt to use the aforementioned USB-C dongle. You’ll be good to go in a matter of seconds, and after that, there’s very little that requires additional attention. The sound quality is amazing, and you’ll have different audio profiles that allow you to immerse yourself more when gaming or help you keep track of what goes on around you. The bass quality is also very decent. When using the Quantum TWS AIR on Discord, those on the receiving end will also receive clear audio feedback.

The device offers around 24 hours of listening pleasure, and this estimate is pretty much on the money. You’ll be able to use the earbuds for roughly eight hours and the case holds up to two additional charges. This is a fairly big improvement compared to the previous model. Charging the case goes fairly quickly when it’s depleted, clocking in at about two hours. The case also has a small LED light display that shows you the battery life of the case. That being said, we also suggest using the supported smartphone app, as you can tweak a lot of settings, creating a truly tailor-made experience. Those using the earbuds for gaming on PC can also take a closer look at JBL’s QuantumENGINE software, which again allows you to alter certain settings. Even so, the device properly works out of the box, and if you’re a casual gamer, you’ll probably only have to do minimal tweaks for a very pleasant experience.

Of course, the build quality also matters, and JBL does a formidable job here as well. Every component feels solid, and the earbuds also have IPX4 certification, protecting them a bit from water as well. Keep in mind that these earbuds are not designed for you to shower with them.


The Quantum TWS AIR feels like a slight improvement when looking back at the Quantum TWS, but we also feel like the previous product already hit the ball out of the park. Nonetheless, small improvements are always welcome, and it shows that JBL wants to deliver the best product possible, allowing gamers to truly enjoy a budget-friendly audio solution. We again loved the inclusion of the USB-C dongle, which allowed us to switch gaming devices on the fly. We can only recommend checking out the Quantum TWS AIR if you’re looking for a pair of wireless earbuds designed for gaming.

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JBL Quantum TWS AIR – Hardware Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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