Jeremiah #34 Jungle City – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Action, Drama
Written by: Hermann
Illustrations: Hermann
Coloring: Hermann
Publisher: Dupuis

Jeremiah #34 Jungle City – Comic Book Review

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We’ve seen a lot of apocalyptic scenarios on the site as of late and often these tales proved to be well worth the effort. Even though zombies are often the preferred doomsday scenario, other possibilities remain, for instance a world torn up by war, such as in Fallout 4. Whilst the latter may be still fresh in our minds, there has been a series that tells a similar story since 1979, namely Jeremiah. The series depicts a destroyed America, where it’s kill or be killed, with barely any law enforcement still intact. Corruption reigns supreme and basic necessities are scarce, making it a dog-eat-dog world. It seems many will be at the mercy of Jeremiah’s kind heart.


Jeremiah and Kurdy have been roaming the land for quite some time and their next stop is Jungle City, a very hostile environment for many. Nonetheless, Jeremiah was looking for a job and posed himself as a candidate, all for nothing. Deciding to seek shelter for the night, he and Kurdy head to the local bar, where the locals don’t really want to see ‘their kind’. Luckily a man named Markus helps them during their first fight and offers them a place to stay for the night.

The filthy rich Nesstler and his lawyer assistant Philby are the ones that control the city. With Philby still having a bit of a conscience, Nesstler has a thirst for money and power that cannot be quenched. Nesstler has taken control over all the water sources the city has and punishes those who illegally tap from them. He is building towers, which he hopes to rent out to all the inhabitants, gaining more power once again. That being said, Markus and his group of ‘Foxes’ are trying to fight Nesstler’s oppression, but as expected, the man has already taken steps to keep the populace under his control. This is why Markus is doing his very best in making Jeremiah stay, hoping he will help save the little town.

The flow in the album is rather rapid, as the issue is a quick succession of different conflict situations. Nonetheless, the otherwise ‘gritty’ atmosphere is also a great place to keep things interesting and exciting.

Hermann has been taking care of this series since 1979, creating his own universe with Jeremiah in the center of it. He does a good job in combining the overall ‘filthy’ looking world, with basic, yet rudimental writing that goes hand in hand with the illustrations. The dark tones used, add to the grim appeal of the series, making things truly feel like the end of the world.


Jeremiah #34 Jungle City shows that older series can still hold their own, even today. The story shows us a power-hungry man, who wants to gain even more power, whilst the local population suffers from it. The gritty atmosphere and illustrations have a certain appeal, which you’ll warm up to as you progress through the album. A ‘fun’ apocalyptic tale that we hope to see continued in the near future.

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Rating: 8.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Jeremiah #34 Jungle City - Comic Book Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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