JetX Racing announced to release on Steam soon

JetX Racing announced to release on Steam soon

Today, FIBRUM and Singularity Lab have announced that their new racing game called JetX is coming to Steam in March this year.

JetX is an arcade racing and arena game for VR and PC. Initially, this game was specially designed for VR, but it will also be available for normal play on PC. You can compete with friends, team-up against bots as you fly, shoot and boost your way to the first place. You can compete for the top of the leaderboards in Arena Mode that features a lot of devastating weapons and power-ups.

Extra modes like Boss fight, Endless Race and Defend the Core will be available in the full version of the game but a demo will be made available soon. We’ll keep you up to date on more info about the demo for JetX and its full release in March.

Below, you can see the newest trailer for this arcade racer.

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