Johnny Reboot enters KickStarter!

Johnny Reboot enters KickStarter!

Update: The kickstarter campaign got cancelled after only having been online for less than a day.

Canadian developer “Virtual Plague Studios” has just started their KickStarter campaign for their first game, Johnny Reboot. A metroidvania inspired brawler, Johnny Reboot’s unique spin is that the game’s story revolves around battling a psychological disorder.

This idea was inspired by the personal life of the games’ creative director, Martyn Tranter who had been suffering from agoraphobia in the past. Tranter’s goal is not only to provide backers with a great game but also to educate people about mental disorders: “As a studio, we’re aiming to use the game as a way to show everyone that has agoraphobia, and other psychological disorders, that anything is possible in life, you just got to keep going forward. So not only will backers have a fabulous game but they’re also helping raise public awareness of such mental conditions.”

The game is supposed to feature a large cyber fantasy world with multiple paths opening to you as you discover new abilities and a brawler-type gameplay with customizable combat system. The game’s soundtrack is created by Psykkle’s Evan Collingwood (for those not in the know, Psykkle is a Dark-Electro/Industrial band from Edmonton)  and its sporting a dark ambient theme.

For more information, you can check the game’s KickStarter page:

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