JSAUX 8-in-1 RGB Docking Station – Hardware Review
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JSAUX 8-in-1 RGB Docking Station – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Easy to use
Bad: Could have used a better USB-C cable
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Devices such as Valve’s Steam Deck or ASUS’ ROG Ally are gaining more and more popularity, as the concept of playing heavier PC games on the go is simply appealing to so many gamers. Being able to enjoy your favorite PC games on the couch or simply when not at home is rather amazing, and we are always intrigued when new accessories for these devices come out. There are already a few different brands offering protective cases or backplates, but there are also a variety of docking stations to be found online. JSAUX is such a brand that offers docking solutions for Steam Deck, and we were lucky enough to try out their 8-Port RGB Docking Station.




The 8-in-1 RGB Docking Station looks quite classy. The package comes with faceplate stickers, but we also liked the device without them. Without the included stickers, you’ll be treated to a fairly monotone black device that looks good for every type of interior or gaming setup. The RGB lighting of the device is limited to a small border at the bottom of the Docking Station. In the dark, the device does have very bright lighting without any option to alter any of the settings (you can alter lighting settings when connecting the device to a PC first). When the Steam Deck is docked, the front lighting does stand out less, but as a whole, it’s still quite nice to look at.


In terms of comfort, the device is easy to set up. The docking station is solid enough to not move around when slightly touching it, and the pull-out tray for the Steam Deck works as it should. There aren’t too many whistles and bells when it comes to JSAUX’s docking station, which is perfectly fine. All ports are easily accessible from the back of the device, with one additional USB port on the left-hand side.

Overall, we only found the included USB-C cable rather annoying. This cable, when using your Steam Deck in docked mode, will either be in the way of your power button or it will block the top vents of your device, making it so that it can not cool down properly. We immediately opted for a different cable. This might just be us nitpicking, but we have seen better cables included in a lot of their older docking station models.


We’ll cut right to the chase with this one. There’s truly not that much to say when it comes to the overall operation and functionalities of the device. You’ll be treated to a great docking station with different ports and plugs for your device(s) and it’s basically smooth sailing from the moment you turn on your desired device. Even though we haven’t tried it for ourselves, the docking station should also work with the ROG Ally. So, if you have a Steam Deck and a ROG Ally at home, it’s already worth considering picking up a docking station such as this.

There is no real downside to the docking station, as you simply plug in your desired device, and you’re good to go. This model doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, and that’s perfectly fine. You’ll have enough USB ports at your disposal to hook up other accessories or devices, and that’s pretty much it. There are also models available with even more ports, but if you’re just a casual player who wants to enjoy his Steam Deck in docked mode, we reckon a docking station such as this will already offer you a great experience. A fun feature is the option to plug in an Ethernet cable, even though your mileage may vary on this. We simply enjoy being able to use a more stable connection at times, as even now, WiFi can still be finicky at times.


JSAUX’s 8-in-1 RGB Docking Station is a valuable asset if you’re looking to play your Steam Deck games on TV. We found the setup simple, and you’re getting a sturdy, trustworthy piece of gaming hardware for a fairly low price. The docking station offers a sufficient number of ports, and we didn’t have any negative remarks outside of the somewhat lousy USB-C cable that came with the device. If you’re looking for a good and affordable docking station with some nifty RGB functionalities, we suggest checking this one out.

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