Judgement includes free copy of Gears of War

Judgement includes free copy of Gears of War

I don’t know how many people that are gearing up for Gears of War Judgement (It’s a pun!) don’t already own the original game in one form or the other. If for some reason you don’t however, Epic games announced that ‘early copies’ of the newest game will include a token to download the original Gears of War game from Xbox Live. They weren’t specific on what ‘early copies’ meant but considering how many people are getting ready to chainsaw their friends and family in half, I would have to say a lot of copies will probably include it.

This isn’t specific to any region as well so no matter where you live, if you are purchasing a physical copy of Gears of War Judgement chances are you’re also getting a code for Gears of War in the box. Along with the announcement comes the newest trailer of Judgement narrated by the bad boy himself Baird, as he tells you about the finer points of the newest game.

Gears of War Judgement is set to launch on March 19th for the Xbox 360

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