Jumping, dodging and solving puzzles in Space Run 3D

Jumping, dodging and solving puzzles in Space Run 3D

Space Run 3D is (as it’s written on the Steam Greenlight page) a unique first person science-fiction platform and puzzle game, made by only two people.

In the game, players will have to avoid all kinds of deadly traps like saws and lasers while also solving puzzles to progress. Puzzles go from finding clues for access codes to completing 2D mini games so there’s surely something for everyone to find pleasure in. Other features in the game include a jetpack and a taser gun to power up electric devices from a distance.

The game will appear on iOS and Android in August but if you want to try it out on PC as well, be sure to give these people a YES-vote on the Steam Greenlight page here!

Of you can’t wait to try out the game for yourself, be sure to check out the demo’s for both Android and Apple devices.

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