Just Dance 2021 – Review
Follow Genre: Dance game
Developer: Ubisoft Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Tested on: Switch

Just Dance 2021 – Review

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Like every year before it, the Just Dance series is back to entertain the masses with Just Dance 2021, released last November. With the strangeness currently going on in the world, it might be an even more welcome distraction than usual and the perfect way to get some exercise in while also having fun, though the overall formula remains mostly unchanged. Ubisoft knows what has worked in previous games in the series, and doesn’t seem eager on changing it up anytime soon.


Obviously there’s still no plot involved in these games. It makes us kind of curious what a storyline in Just Dance might look like, but for now, it’s not going to happen.


Graphically Just Dance 2021 is looking crisp as ever. Ubisoft sticks to the same formula and while that might be a complaint in other games, it works here. The bright colors that pop off the screen in Just Dance are an instant way to raise the mood. Every song comes with its own dance instructors who you’re mimicking, and it’s great to see the different designs that were made to fit each song’s theme. Similarly, the backgrounds are unique to each song, which is definitely a great touch. Visual effects jump off the screen, keeping the energy up without things getting too busy to see the dance instructions sliding along the bottom to let you know which move is coming up next.


Just Dance 2021 wouldn’t be a dance game without a popping soundtrack and in that regard, the game does… fine. People looking for long-lasting entertainment might be a bit disappointed but those that have played before will know that the free version of Just Dance 2021 starts you out with a limited selection of songs. About forty of them are available, most of them recent hits from this year or the last. And while they’re great songs, it remains a bit of a letdown. The full soundtrack comprises over 600 singles, including older hits, Disney music, and other less popular songs that can be a real joy to discover. Quite amusingly the Benelux edition of Just Dance 2021 comes with a few tracks from K3, including their newest single ‘Dans van de farao‘. You’d be surprised at how much fun that one is.


The gameplay remains unchanged from previous installments as well as Just Dance 2021 is still a dance game that requires practice and a decent dose of natural rhythm. How the game tracks your movements depends on which console you’re playing on – though you can always use your phone as well, assuming you’re confident you won’t drop it. You score points by mimicking the movements of the dancers as accurately as possible, engaging you in a contest to break the high scores by yourself or with up to five friends. It’s a lot of fun and depending on how serious you take the game, it can double as a great workout.

A few different modes are available to customize the experience. Quickplay makes the game choose a random song for you to avoid decision anxiety, while the regular mode lets you pick your own poison. Making playlists is also still an option, stringing several songs together back to back. Kids Mode! contains the more kid-friendly songs and is tailored towards an easier experience, while extreme mode makes them harder. This way there’s something for all different players to enjoy. The World Stage is also back, so you can play with random strangers online and challenge them to epic dance battles. The scoring system has been expanded, tracking overall scores now as well, meaning you can always see who did best on a particular song overall after several times of playing it.

As mentioned you will need Just Dance Unlimited to have access to all the songs, but every copy of the game comes with a free month-long trial to get a feel for it. Dancing also rewards you with an in-game currency you can spend on Gacha type prizes, rewarding you with random cosmetic items to dress up your avatar. It’s an utterly useless addition, but it’s there.


Just Dance 2021 is a fine game if the thing you’re looking for is a repeat of Just Dance 2020, with a bunch of new songs added to the mix. This is not unexpected, since it’s what this franchise has been doing since the dawn of time. It’s sad that the game slaps you round the head with incentives for getting the Unlimited subscription if you haven’t already – making it feel like a bit of a cash grab – but that doesn’t change that Just Dance 2021 will be an enjoyable party game to play with friends or indulge in by yourself to get a great workout.

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Rating: 8.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Just Dance 2021 - Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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