Just2D announce a partnership with DECK13

Just2D announce a partnership with DECK13

Just2D GmbH has announced its partnership with DECK13 for the publishing of their first title: Drova – Forsaken Kin. Drova is an open world Action RPG with two factions the player can join in order to pursue the story, all brought to life with a gritty pixel art style.

“In partnering up with Deck13 we see a great development chances. Not only for our current project, Drova, but also for the longterm perspective of our Company, Just2D Interactive.” says Johannes Hauffe, one of the founders of Just2D. “Through the intensive cooperation and by working together with our new partner we now have the opportunity to create an even better product and the chance to establish Just2D as a strong brand in the german indie sector.”

“Just2D convinced us from the very beginning with passion, vision and clear knowledge of where they want to go. Together, we have huge plans for the future and we are thrilled that DECK13 was able to secure the publishing rights and also acquire a share in the company!” said Mathias Reichert, Managing Director at DECK13.


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