Kaet Must Die! – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Adventure, horror, Indie
Developer: Strength in Numbers Studios
Publisher: Strength in Numbers Studios
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Kaet Must Die! – Review

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Games, where it feels like everything is working against you, can be aggravating but also enjoyable. Kaet Must Die! is one of these games. Take on the role of Kaet, a cyberpunk fanatic with mind powers. Try to survive a dank sewer filled with things that want to kill Kaet while at the same time having to solve insane puzzles. Solve every puzzle and escape the clutches of Anna the evil blood witch before you turn insane. Kaet Must Die! is developed and published by Strength in Numbers Studios and we got the chance to test the game and drive ourselves insane!



In Kaet Must Die!, you play as Kaetheran who is a powerful psionicist. She wakes up in a dark and dank sewer without her mind powers and with no memory how she got there. A blood witch called Annalinnia is trying to turn her insane, so she has no other choice than to escape. Find clues scattered around and advance to the next level but watch out because for everything/everyone in the game Kaet must die! Sadly the developers didn’t put the story in the game itself but only in the description and trailers of the game. The only story pieces that you get in the game are from the notes and scribbles that you find scattered around the levels. Although the notes mostly only contain other people’s story and not Kaet’s.



Kaet Must Die! is creepy in every way possible. The graphics are very dark and creepy and fit in perfectly with the horror theme. Since most of the game plays out in a sewer, almost every texture has a “damp” look to them. There is mostly trash and rocks in the levels but the few rooms that are present look more modern and mechanical. Blood can be found almost everywhere as can random human or animal bones. They help to make the atmosphere even creepier.

Zombies are scattered around the sewer and they look exactly like you would think a zombie would look like: a human that is slowly rotting away. All the zombies look mostly the same with a few different features here and there. There are also little creatures with a gas mask and glowing eyes. Those glowing eyes are a handy feature because otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to see them as they wear all black.

The darkness in the game made it quite easy for the developers to show items that you can use. Every usable item has a special glow to them. Of course, except for the glowing mushrooms, these glowing objects only glow faintly. Bad things can be easily hidden in the darkness which the developers did so there can be a surprise around each corner.



There isn’t really “music” present in Kaet Must Die!. However, the game makes use of atmospheric noises and other randomized sounds. Randomized sounds can go from random screaming to the sound of the wind. The lack of actual music actually ups the creepiness factor since the noises are scary enough by themselves. When you get close to zombies you start to hear a grunting noise which notifies you of their presence. Creepy laughing noises can be heard when the little gas mask guys notice you. It’s recommended to keep the sound of Kaet Must Die! on or you will die way more often. Some noises have been implemented to obviously scare the player like random steam coming out of pipes. There is a loud sound included in every jump scare which ups the effect of the scare.


Kaet Must Die! is a horror, indie, adventure and action game. You play as Kaet a powerful psionicist that has been taken by Anna: an evil blood witch.  Kaet is stuck in the sewer without her mind powers and you need to solve clues to try and escape before Anna turns Kaet insane. Picking up glowing mushrooms unlocks Kaet’s ability to make a light. Every mushroom lets Kaet make a light orb for about 3 seconds which she can either throw or hold on to.  Light orbs are quite handy to see where you’re going.  Luckily there are quite a lot of mushrooms around and you can hold up to ten max of them.


The light orbs can also be used to scare away the little gas mask enemies.  When they start to giggle and come after you, you can throw one at them and they go away until it burns out. This gives you enough time to go where you were going and avoid being killed.  Zombies are quite easily noticed by the sound they make but using the light orb to locate exactly where they are, is a must. Since multiple zombies can be close to each other and they can be a bit hidden away it’s safer to figure out where exactly they are before moving on. If you get to close to a zombie you get instantly killed and receive a jump scare with it for free.

Throughout the levels, you can find notes, these notes can contain clues about the level’s puzzle. Some zombies in the game are obviously the people that wrote the notes. Besides the notes, there are also clues found throughout the level for example: scribbling on the wall. Sometimes you need to collect things that are spread throughout the level. Luckily these items have a faint glow so once you come across them you will know that you need it somehow. Everything that you can interact with has a faint glow. This doesn’t always make it easier to solve the puzzles though.


As if avoiding zombies, creepy little people and solving puzzles wasn’t hard enough, there is also a time limit. This time limit indicates the time you have before all the lights in the level go out. If Kaet spends too long in the darkness she will turn insane. Once Kaet turns insane or when all the lights go out, Anna will come. As the title of the game suggests: Kaet must die and she will a whole lot. Solving the puzzles sometimes requires dying multiple times until you know the area enough to solve the puzzle quick enough.


Playing Kaet Must Die!  for a long time might turn you a bit insane since every misstep instantly kills you. The charm of the game is that you want to keep playing even after you’ve died a 100 times. The game has a great atmosphere and does a great job in creeping you out while also delivering a fun challenge. Although the levels in the game are disgusting looking, they have a certain charm to them and add to the experience. This game is not for the faint of heart but if you like a challenge and don’t mind horror games then give Kaet Must Die! a try.


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Kaet Must Die! - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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