KAKU: Ancient Seal is coming to PC and PS5 and PS4 in 2023

KAKU: Ancient Seal is coming to PC and PS5 and PS4 in 2023

Chinese developer BINGOBELL has revealed its open-world action-adventure game, KAKU: Ancient Seal. Coming to PC and PS5 & PS4 in 2023, KAKU: Ancient Seal lets players explore a mysterious continent as they come across strange creatures, ancient ruins, and unique tribes.

The game puts players in the role of Kaku, a child of a primitive age tasked with journeying across the continent. Accompanied by their pet pig, players will have to visit four elemental regions and defeat their rulers. Along the way, they’ll have to find food and other resources in order to craft weapons and tools. On top of this, quests will be available throughout the adventure, which will grant perks and costumes for Kaku.

“With KAKU: Ancient Seal we wanted to create a sense of mystery and adventure, where you can forge your own path to victory,” said Brian Wang, Producer at BINGOBELL. “We offer players little guidance, as we find it more rewarding to experiment and find what works for you. It’s that feeling of freedom and adventure, peppered with small goals all throughout, that we can’t get enough of, and we’re very proud of the strange, varied world we’ve come up with.”


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