Keep fighting in Still Not Dead

Keep fighting in Still Not Dead

If you are looking for the perfect mix between Doom and Nuclear Throne then look no further than Still Not Dead. In this hand-drawn roguelite pixel-cubed first person shooter – it’s a lot of genre mashing but hang in there- you’ll be tasked to blow the brains out of any monster’s skull that you come across.

How many weapons and items are at your disposal you ask? At least 30. Don’t think this will be just one level looping into itself, where you send enemy after enemy into the beyond, there are six levels for you to live out your murderous rampaging fantasies out in.

If you aren’t convinced of the absolute mayhem this fast paced pixel-cubed first person shooter is, you can check out the trailer below.

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First game ever was Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped, ever since then, gaming has been something that I've gravitated to. Reading's fun but not as interactive. Always up for a bout of online multiplayer. If that multiplayer is co-op. So if you are up for a friendly co-op session, hit me up. Rahenik's the name to search on PSN.

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