Kenshi – Fully released!

Kenshi – Fully released!

The Sword punk style RPG, Kenshi has finally been fully released after being in development for 12 years. Kenshi had been in Early Access for four years where it received very positive reviews out of more than a thousand Early Access reviews. We also did a preview of the game which you can find here.

“We’ve had our struggles with delays, budget, engine upgrades, and of course mountains of bugs to squash”, says Lo-Fi Games’ CEO and head developer Chris Hunt. “But it’s exciting to reach the finishing line and to see so much enthusiasm amongst the community that supported us for so many years.”

Kenshi’s gameplay is completely open world and it is up to the players to discover the worlds’ bloodthirsty cannibals, starving bandits, and wild beasts. The game features squad-based control and city building, together with an expansive mix of RPG elements.

“I hope that Kenshi meets a need in players that wasn’t being met by bigger games in the industry – a need for freedom and depth. Kenshi’s great for making your own stories and we think it also offers a really unique experience, different for each individual player where free-roaming AIs can collide outside of a linear script”

Kenshi has no level-scaling which means that the world doesn’t level up with you and the shops don’t change their items. So a bit more how a normal shop would act in the world Kenshi is set in. Players will have to face the world that is filled with challenges without any extra strong and extraordinary high stats characters. The realistic medical system makes it so your injuries will logically hold you back in the right place, so leg injuries slow you down and arm injuries lower your ability to fight. Injuries actually do take time to heal and unlike any other game, no magical health potions exist. If you happen to lose a limb, you will have to get a prosthetic replacement.

“We want to thank all our fans, supporters and volunteers who never gave up on us during this lengthy development. We simply couldn’t have done it without them. Even though we can’t respond to every heartfelt message we receive from our supporters, they really have touched us and motivated us to make something great.”

Kenshi is available now on Steam globally and users who supported Early-Access will be upgraded to the full retail version without any extra charge.

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