Kenwood releases new KCA-DR300 dashcam

Kenwood releases new KCA-DR300 dashcam

JVCKENWOOD has announced the new Kenwood KCA-DR300 dashcam. The camera, which can be installed on the windshield by using the removable cupping-glass, has a very broad recording angle (128 °) and records images continuously in Full HD quality. The images are stored on a micro SDHC card (max 32GB).

The Kenwood dashcam has a parkingmodus which is automatically activated as soon as the camera detects any movement in front of the car. In case someone hits your car, the images can be used to point out the accused.

When the camera detects a sudden impact while driving, images will automatically be saved so that they don’t get deleted by accident. The integrated movement sensor registers and shows the G-force and direction from the impact out of three different angles.

Kenwood KCA-DR300 dashcam

The camera is continuously recording during driving. The images are saved in chunks so that the most recent images are always available. In case the memory is full, the eldest images will be overwritten.

The recordings of the dashcam can be viewed on the dashcam itself or on your computer. The software that is delivered with your dashcam, gives you the possibility to view the recordings, combine them and share them on social networks.

The Kenwood KCA-DR300 dashcam will be available in Belgium in early April and will have a price tag of 169 Euro (181 USD)

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