Keyword: A Spider’s Thread is spinning its web on Steam this September 28

Keyword: A Spider’s Thread is spinning its web on Steam this September 28

Thrilling news incoming from developer City From Naught Inc. and developer idealCat Games! Their newest game Keyword: A Spider’s Thread will be launching on Steam this upcoming September 28.

Become an investigator in Keyword: A Spider’s Thread, a narrative thriller where you’ll depend on skills of logical deduction, hacking, and social engineering to solve challenging puzzles as the only means of finding your missing daughter.


  • Set in the near-future of 2048 in a city inspired by Toronto, Keyword merges cyberpunk with traditional Chinese aesthetic, creating an eerie and immersive environment
  • Utilize binoculars to tap into your investigative side and uncover if people are who they say they are
  • Immersive soundtrack that mirrors the emotional tone of the gameplay by Seycara Music and Arts
  • Travel through time loops, changing your view on reality and evaluating if forgiveness is always possible
  • Reconsider the consequences and impact of sharing your data and information online
  • Gripping and thought-provoking narrative written by Future Science Fiction Master Award winner Jiangshan
  • Three difficulty modes that let you decide the level of challenge you’re willing to take on with a flexible hint system if you get stuck

Sounds exciting, right? If you can’t wait to play Keyword: A Spider’s Thread, you can try out the demo for free on Steam now! The demo version will allow players to enjoy a 30 mins-like experience of the game.

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