Kickstarter successfully launched for Inkulinati

Kickstarter successfully launched for Inkulinati

Inkulinati, a turn-based strategy is a new game that has started its Kickstarter page about 24 hours ago. Within this time, around 50% of the crowdfunding campaign has already been reached.

Inkulinati is said to be a mix of Darkest Dungeon combined with Monty Python. It features sword-wielding rabbits and farting donkeys. The game is inspired by real-life medieval illustrations, with the developer claiming that their concept artists are 700-year-old medieval monks and scribes, making them possibly the oldest games industry employees, just after Sid Meier.

The Kickstarter page is meant to fund the single-player campaign where players will play as a master of living ink, known as the Inkulinati. They are able to create their own bestiary, duel with medieval celebrities like Dante and Death itself and go on quests, encounters, and challenges. The game also promises to have a PvP mode, with a good chance that additional units and beasts will be added with a good Kickstarter campaign.

The latest trailer on Inkulinati can be checked out below.

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