Kill It With Fire – Review
Follow Genre: First-person action game
Developer: Casey Donnellan Games
Publisher: tinyBuild
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Kill It With Fire – Review

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Good: Many weapons open up endless possibilities for destruction, Great sidequests
Bad: Soundtrack is a bit bland
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Any game that starts with a ‘do not try this at home’ warning is bound to get chaotic. And by the looks of it, chaos just so happens to be the ultimate result of every level in Kill It With Fire. This first-person action game by Casey Donnellan Games and tinyBuild only has one goal: get rid of a disturbing spider infestation plaguing your neighborhood. But it’s the way you will go about accomplishing this goal where the real fun starts, with the collateral damage quickly growing to unimaginable proportions.


In Kill It With Fire, the end justifies the means. This seems to ring true for the plot also, which is more barebones than anything. You are a simple person with a simple life, up until the point where your job as a spider exterminator is concerned. Then all bets are off and it’s up to you to get rid of these creepy crawlers by all means necessary. This includes batting them to death with a frying pan, ripping them apart with shotgun shots, burning them alive, or even deploying some C4 to make the job easier. Nothing is too exuberant. There are no cutscenes or anything like that to convey the story, it’s mostly just a vehicle for the weird fun this game delivers.


Kill It With Fire looks clean and colorful. The graphics are a bit cartoony but in a fun way. One of the key points of the game is how each level puts you in a new spider-infested environment you get to turn upside down and destroy in the process of killing these pests. From suburban homes and a convenience store to a peaceful zen garden, nothing is safe from your wrath. You can set things on fire and blow them up to your heart’s content and the stages look great while you’re doing so.


Sound design might be this game’s only weak point. It’s overall a tad repetitive, with the same creepy sound effect playing every time a spider crawls out of hiding. There isn’t a lot of music, though the music that is there is fundamentally fine. We would just really have liked something crazier to go with the game’s ludicrous premise. There is a timed challenge you can do in each level called Arachno-Gauntlet which uses a head-bang worthy rock number, so we know the devs have got it in them to create some really good tracks.


Kill It With Fire is an action game through and through, with a first-person perspective. As the name and preceding segments would imply, the goal of the game is to kill spiders. It’s everything around this that makes the game fun though. While the word fire is used in the title, this does not have to be your weapon of choice. In fact, should you so desire you can use anything from guns to Molotovs and so much more to get rid of your mortal nemesis. The murderous equipment is gradually unlocked as you play the game, but everything you find is yours to keep so you can always go back to redo an older level with your new toys. Just know that you won’t be the only one advancing, as later levels have new types of spiders that become harder to kill or might even go on the offensive, with exploding spiders or ones that shoot webs to obscure your vision.

Aside from these weapons, other items can be found across levels as well. To help you along with your spider genocide, you are equipped with a radar that will allow you to find spiders that are hiding underneath items or behind furniture. Various upgrades for this radar can be found across the levels and can be unlocked once you earn enough points for them. Personal upgrades work similarly and are upgrades for your character in general, such as the ability to sprint. Ammo for your weapons will also need to be found in the levels themselves, though even if you run out, you can always resort to whacking spiders with a clipboard.

The levels usually consist of multiple rooms or areas, with doors that only unlock after you kill a certain amount of spiders and where the final door of course is the exit. Some equipment might also be hidden in cupboards, chests, etc that can only be opened after you reach a kill quota. But just killing spiders is definitely not where the fun stops because every level also comes with multiple side quests to tackle, ranging from challenging to outright ridiculous. You don’t need to complete them to clear the level, so you can always come back to finish them later, but they’re a ton of fun. The above mentioned Arachno-Gauntlet is also a blast, having you kill a set amount of spiders in very limited time. Through it all, you don’t even have to worry about dying: your character is immune to damage. So by all means, set fire to that gas station. We’re sure nothing bad will happen.


With maybe the exception of people suffering from arachnophobia, Kill It With Fire is a great game for everybody. It’s diverse, easy to get the hang of, and with this many weapons at your disposal, you can always find new ways to destroy spiders and environments alike. Just heed the devs warning to not try this at home, please.

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Rating: 9.8/10 (5 votes cast)
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Kill It With Fire - Review, 9.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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