Killer Instinct- E3

Killer Instinct- E3

At this years E3 Microsoft announced the return of a cult favourite fighting game from the 90’s Killer Instinct. A really weird product of its time, Killer Instinct embraced a lot of the over the top extreme attitudes that were pervasive in the comics industry among others.

Borrowing the Fatality moves from Mortal Kombat Killer Instinct had humiliation moves that could be used at the end of a match, like making your opponent dance. HUMILIATING!

While Rare was the developer of the original Killer Instinct games Double Helix is behind the latest game in the franchise, though development is being overseen by Ken Lobbs the originals Game Designer. Double Helix is behind such games as: Silent Hill: Homecoming, G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra, Front Mission Evolved, and Battleship.

However upon launch the game will only be available digitally, with Jago being the only character available with the others to be purchased through a free-to-play system.

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