Killer Queen Black coming to Xbox One this fall

Killer Queen Black coming to Xbox One this fall

Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games have announced today that their eight-player arcade action platformer, Killer Queen Black will also be releasing on Xbox One in Q4 of this year.

In Killer Queen Black there are two teams battling for victory, the Blue and Gold team. These teams each consist of one powerful Queen and three Workers. Armed with a stinger-sword and wings, the Queen excels in maneuverability and offense. Queens are also responsible for claiming power-up gates that empower and upgrade Workers in exchange for berries strewn about the stage. The Workers excel in adaptability. While in their base form, they can only protect themselves by throwing berries, to buy time. Later on, by taking a berry to a power-up gate, they can transform and gain better weapons.

All this is set in a single screen, so every unit is visible. There are three victory conditions, get one of them and you’ve won the match. Economic Victories are earned when Workers collect berries and fill their hive before the other team can do the same. Military Victories require three Queen kills in a single game. Snail Victories are secured when Workers slowly ride the snail in the middle of the stage into their own goal.

This game will release on Xbox One in Q4, soon after the already announced release in Q3 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

The trailer below will give you more info on this eight-player arcade action platformer.

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