Killing Floor 2: Chop ‘Til You Drop update

Killing Floor 2: Chop ‘Til You Drop update

Killing Floor 2 is a game that has been going strong since 2015 when it first launched in Early Access. All the way back in 2016 we reviewed this game and granted it a pretty positive score. Now we are five years later, and the developers are still pumping out new content as we speak.

The Chop ‘Til You Drop update comes free for everyone who owns the game and includes a wide range of new stuff, such as a new map, weapons, Christmas-themed Zed variants, weekly Boss Rush modes, and much more. Key features include:

New Featured Community Map: Carillon Hamlet

  • This medium-sized map has an industrial style with a bright, daytime setting that’s perfect for making players feel all the holiday joy – until the Zeds arrive.
  • Supported Modes: Survival, Weekly, and Endless

Event Objectives

  • The new event introduces 5 new objectives tied to the Carillon Hamlet map where players can earn the Holiday Shopping Companion Backpack accessory.

New Weekly Game Modes

  • Boss Rush: This mode consists of different waves of fighting with one random boss, with the difficulty scaling with each wave. After completing the mode, players are rewarded with the Boss Trophy Backpack accessory.
  • Shrunken Heads: Sharpshooter? Not this match. In this mode, Zed’s heads are shrunken down and do not take head-shot damage. Also, all Zeds have a new critical spot, configured for each zed type. After completing the mode, players are rewarded with the Practice Target backpack accessory.
  • Doshinegun: Turn your Cash into Bash! The Doshinegun is designed for the Survivalist Perk and comes with five unique skin variants!
  • Free HRG Stunner: Designed to pack a punch with plenty of stopping power, this free weapon for SWAT class players is “shockingly” strong and great for keeping waves of zeds at bay.

New Cosmetics

  • Alchemist Weapon Skin Bundle Pack
  • Christmas Weapon Skin Bundle Pack
  • Alchemist Gear Cosmetic Bundle Pack
  • Chop ‘Til You Drop themed cosmetics will be purchasable via the Direct Bundle
  • Holiday Shopper Outfit Bundle: Gear up for Black Friday with the new Christmas 2021 outfit. This bundle is compatible with the following characters: Mr. Foster, Reverend Alberts, Mrs. Foster, PC Rob Briar, Classic Briar, Oisten Jagerhorn, Ana Larive, Lt. Bill Masterson, Classic Masterson, Donovan Neal, DJ Scull, Anton Strasser, Hayato Tanaka, Rae Higgins.

New Achievements

  • The Update adds new Map Difficulty and Achievements for those who like to keep score.

The game is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC through Steam and Epic Games. If you don’t already own this game, then why not gift yourself or a friend this bundle of joy for only €29.99/ $29.99/ £24.99.

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