Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind announced

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind announced

Today, Square Enix Ltd. Has announced the release of the long-awaited DLC, Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind. This DLC will release for the PS4 on January 23 and January 25 for Xbox One.

This DLC will offer you a whole new episode to play after you’ve finished the story of the base game. This episode is about Sora who needs to find his way back to his friends while discovering truths which he’ll never think of being true. This episode will feature some famous Final Fantasy characters.

Aside from the DLC, a new patch will come to the base game in January which will update the main story, add new skills, a new form for Sora and two additions to the Keyblades, Oathkeeper, and Oblivion.

Below, you can watch the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, the upcoming DLC for Kingdom Hearts III.

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