King’s Guard TD – Review
Follow Genre: Tower defence, strategy
Developer: FreezeNova
Publisher; FreezeNova
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

King’s Guard TD – Review

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Good: Fun combinations, not too easy
Bad: Ammunition not really visible, no real tower changes at the first few updates
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There are a lot of tower defence games that will take you to an exotic location or where you need to defeat animals rather than humans. King’s Guard TD goes back to the roots of where you need to defend your kingdom from the villains and monsters. Are you up for this feisty defence game or do you still need to polish your armor?

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We’re teleported to a more medieval age where we can witness that the villagers are rebelling and want to kill the king. The ruler of this nation calls his most loyal knight, Dragnor, to protect him and fend of the attacks of the residents. What else can a trustworthy defender do then to obey his master? You’ll be in charge of defending the fort of relentless assaults.

This is the only story content the game offers, although there are some small conversations now and then between Dragnor and bosses, these seem quite unnecessary but it does provide a nice change of pace. In the end, it would have been nice if the reason of their assaults was more proclaimed.


King’s Guard TD combines both 2D and 3D to obtain its specific style. The characters and cards are drawn in a comical 2D style, while the assailants, towers and the battlefield in general are represented in 3D. This combination fits rather well and gives it a new dimension. The animations of the assailants are quite funny and it is good to see that FreezeNova tried to add some diversity.

King's Guard TD

What could have been better is the upgrades of the towers and the projectiles that are being shot. It isn’t always clear at the start when you’ve already upgraded a tower, as there isn’t really a visual change. When you’ve advanced your towers multiple times, you’ll finally see the fruits of your hard labor. Also, The arrows from your archers aren’t very visible, which makes it harder to see whom is being attacked and if you need to act or not.


You’re greeted by a rather daunting, feisty tune that will set the tone for the rest of the game. No classical, tranquil music but up-tempo beats with an edge that will get your blood pumping. Next to these trendsetters, you’ll also hear some sound effects while fending of an attack. If it isn’t the arrows that are being shot at your assailants or the ice that is being cast, it sure is the moaning when someone dies or the wings of flying attackers. You’ll always be surrounded by noises, which increases the intensity.

If you were expecting voice acting, you’ll be disappointed. The few conversations are just plain text. It would have been nice if this had some voice-overs, although this is just a small remark.

King's Guard TD


King’s Guard TD is a tower defence game where you need to fend of several attacks and save your king. This is done in three different surroundings, unlocking after you’ve completed the previous amount of levels. At the start of your defence spree, you can choose the difficulty level.

Each new level will have a freshly fortified castle with 20 lives. When a villager reaches the gates, one life is depleted. When you reach zero, it’s game over and you need to start anew. At the top right side of the screen, you can see how many waves there are still ahead. Defending your king is done by building towers, each with their own specific speciality. It is important to use the right ones at the right time, as it could mean a certain death otherwise. If you were hoping to get a snack while your towers do all the work, you’ll be dead before you know it. You need to be attentive and change your strategy when needed. This means that you might need to demolish some of your strongholds to create room for more suitable solutions. Getting rid of certain buildings will give you some funds back.

King's Guard TD

Before you can actually buy new strongholds, you’ll need some cash. At the beginning of a new level, you get an amount you can spend while killing assailants will get you through the level. Next to buying towers, you can also upgrade them to do more damage and increase their range. If that isn’t enough, you get loot at the end of the level and these cards can be equipped. This means that you can choose to increase the range of the arrow tower or you can equip special attacks that you can pop now and then. This is a great way to implement your personal preferences and lets the game adapt to your game style. Next to the cards, you also get some crystals which you can spend in the shop. These cards are similar to the ones you receive as loot but if you’re looking after special ones, then the shop is the place to be.

There are certain levels that has a boss in the final wave. It is possible that you’ll be defeated as this round will try to crush you and if you’re not fast enough, you’ll be shredded to pieces in no time. If this boss reaches the castle it’s instant death so be on high alert and use all abilities that you’ve equipped.

King's Guard TD

The combination of several aspects, like the change of strategy, several cards and instant death in a boss fight makes it a quite intensive game. King’s Guard TD will keep you on your toes and if you think you’re safe, you can expect a strategic switch.


If you’re looking for a fun and demanding tower defence game that will appeal your inner commander, King’s Guard TD is certainly something to reconsider. The combination of graphics and the up-tempo beats give it an amusing vibe while the levels get increasingly harder after a short period. Will you be able to defend the king?

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King's Guard TD - Review, 8.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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