Kingston Digital shares four facts about RAM that could enhance your gaming experience

Kingston Digital shares four facts about RAM that could enhance your gaming experience

Dynamic Random-Access Memory, or DRAM (though most people know it as the shortened RAM) is the short-term memory of your computer. It manages how fast games load for example, or how many programs you can have running at the same time without your computer starting to seriously protest. Below are four facts about RAM – shared by Kingston Digital – that might be helpful for any avid gamers.

1. Newer DDR generation means faster RAM

When getting your pc fitted, you might be looking at different generations of RAM to get. Basically, the more recent the generation – currently we’re on 3 and 4 being available on the market – the faster your RAM will function. DDR 5 is also currently starting to pop up, though it should be noted all these different gen hardware aren’t always connected to your set-up the same way. It’s worth looking into what other items your PC is build out of before deciding on a RAM.

2. Games will tell you how much RAM you need

Every game comes with specifications that tell you the minimum amount of RAM they need to run smoothly. If you’re an avid gamer, it might be interesting looking into that to make sure you can always play your favorite games on your current setup. The site Can You Run It works even easier, analysing your PC for you and simply telling you if the game you’re looking up will run on it. If you don’t have enough RAM to run a game smoothly, you’ll notice it by the dropped graphics quality or lag.

3. More RAM-modules isn’t always better

You will notice RAM is mostly sold in kits with multiple RAm-modules. This is because you can actually fit four modules in your PC. However, it’s important to note that any more than two modules will actually strain your computer’s motherboard. In other words, if you have the option between four modules of 4 GB or two modules of 8GB, the two module outcome will actually run a lot smoother despite giving you the exact same amount of RAM. Just something to keep in mind!

4. More RAM makes it easier to run background programs

This one kind of speaks for itself, but it bears repeating. While older games have more than enough with 4 GB of RAM, newer games take up almost 8 or 16 GB just by running. This means that you might only have enough to run the game – barely. And with future games needing 32 GB of RAM or more, it might be interesting investing in better RAM if you’re interested in running streaming programms or even just spotify in the background while you’re gaming.

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