Kiss Just Announced 6 New Indie Games!

Kiss Just Announced 6 New Indie Games!

Kiss has just announced today that Ionball 2: Ionstorm and 5 other indie games are now available on Steam!

Ionball 2: Ionstorm

An arcade game in which you re-live classics games such as Breakout and Arkanoid, in a fast action game with 3D environments, awesome effects and a soundtrack.

Battle through 60 formidable levels and 3 boss levels with a tons of enemies; each with their unique abilities. Upgrade your equipment from a range of weaponry such as a machine-gun upgrade for the ball, or rail-gun for your bat.

Ionball 2 Ionstorm

Racer 8

The Rally inspired puzzle game that makes players start their engines or leave them running on fumes!

As a combination of asset management, time trial and puzzle game, Racer 8 makes use of different mechanics to keep players from getting bored. Navigate your car while rotating the square tiles on the map grid in order to form a track for your car to follow.  The goal is to reach the checkpoints and cross the finish line as fast as possible!

Racer 8

Pixel Puzzles: Undeads

A traditional jigsaw puzzle game with shooting thrown in. Dead things want to eat you whilst you puzzle. Which means that you’ll have to keep the monsters at bay with a mixture of mines, barricades, bullets and nades.

You’ll need to spend Zombucks on defences to help you keep back them shamblers. Barricade the roads, line the floor with mines, it doesn’t matter what, as long as you can fortify the path before the hordes of zombuies reach you.

Pixel Puzzles Undeadz

Chernobyl Commando

26 years after the fatal accident in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant that covered half of Europe in clouds of radioactive smoke, a large group of terrorists took over the area, trying to steal all the remaining radioactive waste – and use it. Ukrainian and Russian forces hit them with all they could, but the enemy was well prepared and the small war raged on. Two of the best Spec Ops agents move in on their own, hitting the enemy hard before they can escape with the loot.

This is not just a game in which you have to defeat tons of enemies. While sometimes being helped by the army, you are mostly on your own. Hit them before they hit you and be sure to achieve victory!

Chernobyl Commando

Truffle Saga

Take your lovable friend Truffle on an adventure to free the forest of angry Mushrooms in a cool puzzling game!

Truffle needs your help with defeating the evil mushrooms! Use the acorns at your disposal and throw them at the enemies in one shot, which will not be easy, so be sure to be calm and skillful!

Truffle Saga

Lifeless Planet

In Lifeless Planet you leave the earth in order to travel to a different planets. As opposed to what scientist say, the planet where there was previously thought to be life, has now turned into a wasteland.


All 6 titles will be available on Steam and other digital retail sites.

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