Knights of Honor II’s release date is confirmed!

Knights of Honor II’s release date is confirmed!

THQ Nordic has confirmed the launch date of Knights of Honor II: Sovereign, the studio’s first real foray into the Grand Strategy genre. Created in cooperation with the veteran game developers over at Black Sea Games, Knights of Honor II: Sovereign offers all the depth players expect from a medieval grand strategy game plus high approachability. THQ Nordic’s promise to players is that they will not have to spend 10 hours just to learn how the game works. Players choose their realm from over 200 medieval kingdoms, duchies, sultanates, margraviates, caliphates, tzardoms, or an early republic and then lead it to glory or ruins. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign includes all the depth players desire while being the gate-way game to the grand strategy genre, presenting the world as a living, breathing miniature, alive and ripe for the taking.


  • Accessible Grand Strategy – From religion to city development, experience exciting depth with better approachability than ever
  • Real-Time Gameplay – Medieval Europe comes alive, no turns needed
  • Royal Court – Appoint Marshalls, Clerics, Merchants, Diplomats, and Spies to exert your will across the land
  • RTS Battles – Directly lead your armies in riveting RTS combat
  • Robust Multiplayer – Join with multiple friends to take on the challenges of medieval Europe

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign launches on PC on December 6th.

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