Koei Tecmo Games is making ‘Attack on Titan’ game

Koei Tecmo Games is making ‘Attack on Titan’ game

‘Attack on Titan’ lovers, be prepared. Koei Tecmo announced that they’re making a new action game with this anime series as its story. You will be able relive the story of Eren and the Titans.

Hisashi Koinuma, President of Koei Tecmo Games has some comments:

“I am very happy to reveal we have started developing a new action game based on the phenomenally successful “Attack on Titan”! Having evolved from a manga/anime series to an internationally recognised brand, we were enchanted by the opportunity to create our own take on humanity‚Äôs last stand against these overwhelmingly powerful beings, the Titans.

Although there is still a long wait until this game is released in 2016, our studios are already pouring all of their passion and excitement into it and we hope to reveal more information soon!

In the meantime, prepare for battle! The Titans are coming.”

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