KontrolFreek EliteShot Armor and Grips for Xbox One – Accessory Review(s)
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Developer: KontrolFreek
Publisher: KontrolFreek
Platform: Xbox One/PS4
Tested on: Xbox One

KontrolFreek EliteShot Armor and Grips for Xbox One – Accessory Review(s)

Good: Sturdy, Does not leave and traces of the glue, Looks good
Bad: Price may be steep for those who aren't fully convinced yet
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Recently we featured two of the different types of thumbsticks KontrolFreek has to offer, to ensure better grip, accuracy and even a more comfortable playing experience, which might help some players reach the next level. Of course, there are many ways a controller can cause you misfortune or get damages, even if you take proper care of it. This is why we’re going to shortly discuss two other items KontrolFreek has in their portfolio, to ensure better protection and comfort for your favorite controller(s).


EliteShot Armor

The EliteShot is an armor for your trusty controller, but perhaps the term armor might sound a bit more impressive than it actually is. In reality the EliteShot is a rather thick sticker you can place on the top of your controller, to keep it clean and prevent it from greasing any further. The sticker itself will also make sure that small superficial damages will not reach your actual controller, keeping it clean, in case you wish to switch armor or just want to return your controller to its original state.

When removing the armor, it’s actually reusable, (if you don’t remove it too many times that is) as the glue on the sticker itself remains on the armor, rather than on your controller. It’s fun to see that no marks are left when removing the EliteShot.

While the armor is made for official controllers, we tried it out with a few third party controllers as well. On most controllers the armor fitted perfectly, or only needed minor adjustments at the D-Pad of said controllers. This means that those who are currently ‘rocking’ another brand of controller, might be able to protect their hardware as well.

It’s arguable that a lot of people will still see this item as a simple sticker, but the thickness, the glue that leaves no residues and the overall appearance make sure it’s actually a lot more.

KontrolFreek EliteShot Armor


Unlike the armor, the grips will serve a ‘comfort’ function rather than an actual protective one. While the handles of your consoles will stay clean with the grips attached, it’s all about that rubbery/leather-ish feeling the grips bring with them. The gridded design will immediately look appealing and to cut to the chase, these grips are actually very comfortable. That being said, it’s easy to assume that those with bigger hands will find more merits than those with smaller hands. As the grips make the handles a whole lot thicker, you will immediately notice the difference, but you’ll finally have some padding your hands can sink into.

While the grips are easy to apply, they feel as if they were a few millimeters too big on each side, as you might encounter a few overlapping pieces, which might not be that noticeable, but might bother those who are looking for perfection. Nonetheless, it serves its goal perfectly.

Just like the armor, you can remove the grips and reuse them several times, but you’ll have to be a lot more careful in removing the grips than you would have to be with the armor.

KontrolFreek Grips


Both the EliteShot armor and the Grips prove to be great assets if you’re looking for protection or more comfort for and from your favorite controller(s). While the overall price might scare off potential buyers, it’s a worthy investment, if you don’t wish to replace your controller or look for one that suits your needs more. Certainly worth looking into.

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KontrolFreek EliteShot Armor and Grips for Xbox One - Accessory Review(s), 9.9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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