KontrolFreek Overwatch D.VA for PS4 – Accessory Review
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Developer: KontrolFreek
Publisher: KontrolFreek
Platform: PS4, Xbox One
Tested on: PS4

KontrolFreek Overwatch D.VA for PS4 – Accessory Review

Good: Design, Decent grip
Bad: No in-game content, Poor finishing touches on our test model
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We’ve featured many of KontrolFreek’s performance gear over the years and so far we either loved the design of the thumbsticks, or their actual increase in performance, or both. The company has developed a lot of different thumbsticks with many different themes that are based on many popular franchises, making sure every gamer can find their cup of tea in their catalogue. The normal Overwatch sticks passed our revue not that long ago, but it seems that the company still had something cute in store when it came to the Overwatch franchise, namely Pink D.VA sticks that have been molded into a cute little bunny. These sticks even melt the toughest gamers’ hearts.

The D.VA thumbsticks were delivered to us in a very cute looking loot crate (which are slowly getting prohibited in some countries), and upon opening the box we were greeted by two cute bunnies looking us in the eyes. The pink thumbsticks look great, but our copy had a few problems in terms of finishing touches. It was clear where the mold was open and it even had some incantations in it that shouldn’t be there. Nonetheless, the design is great and gives us that typical Overwatch vibe. Just like the normal Overwatch thumbsticks, the D.VA variant also has a very bright color. The color underneath the rubber is blue, and this is where is clasps your controller’s sticks. The combination of bother colors works quite well.

Like discussed in the previous review, the Overwatch thumbsticks come without an in-game download code. It would have been nice to receive an exclusive skin or something like that when purchasing this package. This feels a bit like a missed opportunity and it should be addressed if more Overwatch thumbsticks flood the market.

Like the regular Overwatch thumbsticks, the D.VA version also rocks the convex design, which is something you simply need to get used to. The design also has small ridges, which grants a bit of extra grip. The overall design, in combination with the mid-risers (6.6mm) allows for gamers with smaller hands to easily get used to the increase in height of the sticks.

When installing both thumbsticks a loud and clear click is heard for each stick. The sticks twirl a little which is also a great plus to make sure they don’t damage your controller by clasping it too tightly. When removing the sticks, they don’t leave incantations on your controller’s sticks, which is certainly appreciated if you like to switch setups for different types of games.

As these are Overwatch themed sticks, it’s only natural that they work best for shooters such as Overwatch. We noticed that our precision went up a little, as the angle is tweaked thanks to the intermediate rise of the sticks. That being said, the sticks can easily be used for every type of game, especially since both sticks only provide a same rise.


The D.VA sticks might not be that impressive in terms of extra performance, they do feel comfortable, have enough grip and are decently made. The overall design is superb, but we have one of the two sticks that is a bit botched in terms of finishing touches as many production lines are still clearly visible and we hope this will not be the case for every batch. That being said, if you’re an Overwatch fan, and you wish to customize your gaming setup with something you love, then these mid-risers might be interesting for you to check out.

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KontrolFreek Overwatch D.VA for PS4 - Accessory Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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