KontrolFreek Overwatch for Xbox One – Accessory Review
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Developer: KontrolFreek
Publisher: KontrolFreek
Platform: PS4, Xbox One
Tested on: Xbox One

KontrolFreek Overwatch for Xbox One – Accessory Review

Good: less spherical convex design good for smaller hands, good grip, excellent comfort
Bad: no in-game bonus content
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In our daily life there are many ways we express ourselves and when we think of self-expression, we think about the common items such as clothing style, interior choices and even the car we choose. What is overlooked is the fact that gamers have a form of self-expression as well, whether it is the platform we choose to game on, our favorite franchise or even a particular genre we indulge in. Regardless of what type of gamer we are, casual or hardcore, we have our personal identity and we define that by carefully choosing the products we use; from limited edition consoles to gaming chairs, from custom controllers to thumbsticks. KontrolFreek provides a way to customize gaming equipment with valuable traits for gamers such as comfort and improved accuracy, and we’re taking a good look at the KontrolFreek Overwatch thumbsticks.

When we think of Overwatch, the first thing that pops in our mind is the circular Overwatch symbol which has now become quite iconic for the game. There is some speculation of what the symbol is meant to represent, ranging from a peace sign to an O with a stealthy W embedded, but for us, the symbol is a universal recognizable logo for the hero team-based shooter. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that this is the exact design they have chosen for the thumbsticks.

To further complement its archetypal design and possibly to stay in theme with the game’s logo, the stick comes in the same color combination as the logo; dark gray and a softer-toned orange. Accidentally we tested it with our Xbox One Recon Tech controller and noticed that the gray matches perfectly, but the color combination works well on any controller edition; even the standard black or white ones.

When we previously reviewed a KontrolFreek product, we mentioned that it came with a bonus in-game code. Unfortunately, the Overwatch sticks do not come with bonus in-game content, a shame as the game lends itself perfectly for a cosmetic item. This does mean that what you see, is also what you receive; a sound choice for those who would buy the stick extenders for the design but do not play the game.

As for the sticks themselves, the pack comes with one mid-rise and one high-rise stick; a common combination for thumbsticks designed to work well in shooters. The mid-rise raises the analog stick with 6.7mm whilst the high-rise adds 12.5mm. This means that the high-rise is one of the highest sticks in the assortment, but even with smaller hands, it’s barely noticeable. Both sticks are convex, meaning that your thumbs will rest on top of the stick.

Noteworthy is that the convex design of the Overwatch sticks isn’t as spherical as the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Grav Slam, another favorable design choice for gamers with smaller hands. Perhaps this is also why the sticks have a good grip in general. Another important trait is the friction, as we wouldn’t want our thumbs to slip from the sticks during our fast-paced dance with the enemy.

Looking closely at the design, there are two edges. The inner ridge is formed by the circular symbol whilst the outer ridge is formed due to the end of that symbol. This in combination with the inner legs of the W coming together in the middle, allows for an excellent friction. And as you know, good grip and friction help provide comfort; another feature these sticks can certainly provide.

The installation of the Overwatch thumb sticks went smoothly, and a satisfying loud click could be heard when the clips attached themselves to the analog stick. If the symbol isn’t entirely straight, there’s nothing to worry about as both sticks can twirl. There was much less rotation of the sticks during our gaming sessions though, which is always positive if you want to maintain a good friction.

The Overwatch sticks are designed to work best in first-person shooter games, the most obvious one being Overwatch of course, but also other popular fast-paced shooters such as Fortnite and Player Unknown Battlegrounds (better known as PUBG). As is common with the majority of KontrolFreek thumbsticks, they work well in nearly any type of game.


Whilst the design and color combination is more toned-downed than most of the thumbsticks in their range, the KontrolFreek Overwatch thumbsticks are very comfortable and practical as they provide excellent grip and friction. Although the sticks are convex, they are less spherical than commonly which allows all type of players – even those with smaller hands – to enjoy improved accuracy and a means to customize their controller. All-in-all, these are fantastic sticks.

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KontrolFreek Overwatch for Xbox One – Accessory Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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