Krieg The Psycho is your next Vault Hunter

Krieg The Psycho is your next Vault Hunter

Gearbox has released the trailer for their new upcoming Vault Hunter class, this time you’ll be playing as Krieg The Psycho.

Krieg is a former bandit who specialises in melee attacks and throwing weapons, his first skill tree named Bloodlust focuses on his Buzz Axe as his main weapon and rewards the player as they string along combo kills with it. His second skill tree called ‘Mania’ shortens the rate your skills take to recharge as Kriege takes damage during a fight. The last but certainly not least of his three skill tree’s is called ‘Hellborn’ which increases Krieg’s fire damage while Krieg himself is on fire.

Krieg is a character who is suited towards running into the middle of a group of enemies and taking on all comers, if hell forbid Krieg is downed instead of on fire, he can throw a dynamite charge and detonate it to get back into the fight. His abilities were designed so that players could get the chance to use some of the crazy abilities that they have seen the psycho’s use in the game, to allow these crazy negatives turn into positives. Like being on fire, that is generally considered a negative.

Krieg will be available to players in May for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft dollars.

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