Kyn – Preview
Follow Genre: Strategic RPG
Developer: Tangrin Entertainment
Publisher: Versus Evil
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Kyn – Preview

Good: Great story and sound
Bad: Mismatch characters - environment, not be able to get to your options in-game
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Quite some centuries ago, the seas were territory of the Vikings. What would happen if this bit of history was merged with a magical touch? It would result in something that the game Kyn wants to embody. This strategic RPG will take you on a trip with two warriors that need to solve a lot of problems.

We’re sucked into a world filled with magic but it seems only Magni warriors can actually use spells. The story starts with Alrik and Bram, two strong men that have been stuck in a cave for quite some time. Although it might seem strange, they went in on their own free will. They were sent by their village elder, so they could become legendary Magni heroes. On the way to their village, it seems that something is amiss. The Aeshir, a tribe of goblin-lookalikes, seem to have grown violent although they were used to be the embodiment of peace. Something must have happened, but what the reason for their disturbance might be, is something that you must discover.

Venturing the world of Kyn is like taking a stroll through several beautiful environments. One moment you’ll be at a countryside, enjoying the fresh air and adoring the green scenery the area has to offer. At other times, it might be like you’re in a snowboarding game, with a white blanket on the roads and the mountain tops. Although the surroundings are decent, the characters are a bit off. They’re not that detailed and they don’t really fit in this scenery and in addition, the 2D portraits are in a total different style than the rest of the game. This could be intended, but this might not be the best combination.


Soundwise, the game is a gem. Every area has their own track and it fits the designated location. The quality of the music is superb and you will definitely enjoy the soothing tones the rather classical music has to offer. If you are in danger or enemies detect you, the music will get a bit more dramatic to give you a heads up. There are quite some sound effects as well, both during fights as the venturing part. These effects really boost the gameplay and add that bit extra to the overall experience.

As this is an RPG, you will need to run around and solve quests which are called ‘missions’. Every area you select has a certain goal you need to complete before you can return to your base camp. These goals are necessary to achieve if you want to advance in the game. You will need to fight enemies and this will require some strategic skills as you can command your warriors separately or in a group. Running into a pack of monsters will cause certain death at times, because you might get overrun and will not be able to escape in time. It is important that you try to anticipate and try to target certain enemies, like wizards or strong warriors.

Since you have Magni warriors, you can use their magic abilities. You can only use three spells at a time, since there are only three key bindings foreseen. The third available slot is reserved for the ‘feed skill’. Before you can select this special skill, you will need a feedstone. There are several feedstones and every rock has its own particular effect, which is also noticeable in the effect of the feed skill. For example, combining a death stone with a skill will have another outcome than combining the same skill with fire stone. Before you can actually use this ability, you will need to trigger certain events. For instance, the meter of the skill might fill up when you heal others or when you attack enemies.


You only have room for three skills so it is important that you choose the right ones. You can select abilities from three sets, namely ‘Mind’, ‘Body’ and ‘Control’. Every tree has their own specialities, so it is your task to decide which route you wish to take.

The game starts with Bram and Alrik, but you have room for four more fighters. Some levels will give you some reinforcements but they’re just temporary and you cannot give them any weaponry or armor to become stronger. It would be nice if this was possible, because it is a big advantage to have that bit more defence or the ability to do more damage.

Kyn has some other things to offer next to battling. When you’re in your base camp, you can start crafting items as well. This is necessary if you want to gain more powerful armor or weapons. The required items can be found when you slay foes, when you stumble upon chests or certain items will be laying around as well.  You can sell old equipment in the shop so you get money for other purchases.


In general, the game is ok although there is something that would be nice if it was altered. At the moment, you cannot adjust your graphics or sound in-game. When you want to change this, you need to return to the main menu, which is quite cumbersome.


If you’re into Vikings, magic and you like strategic RPG’s then this game will be something for you. Although this is still a preview build, the graphics are overall ok and the sound takes you on a trip back to the old days. The story might be the biggest asset and although the gameplay has its own particular elements that makes the game special, it takes off quite slowly and it might be something you need to get used to.

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Kyn - Preview, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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