La-Mulana 2 released today

La-Mulana 2 released today

After receiving the support of 5200 people since the start on Kickstarter in 2014, La-Mulana 2 will finally release on the 29th of July. It will be available for purchase on Playism, Steam, Humble Store and GOG. Playism will be hosting a special event to celebrate the release on the same day it will release.

La-Mulana 2 is the long-awaited sequel to La-Mulana. This sequel follows Lumisa Kosugi as she explores the ancient ruins of La-Mulana. In this search for answers, she finds other ruins called Eg-Lana. It is your task to help Lumisa eplore these new ancient ruins and find the cause of the numerous recent appearances of monsters from the ruins.

La-Mulana 2 features sprawling ancient ruins, mind-boggling mysteries, a ridiculous amount of items and terrible enemies. Enough to spend a lot of time exploring the suspicious ancient ruins.

Below, you can watch the teaser trailer for this archaeological ruin exploration game.

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