Labyrinth of Druids coming to Kickstarter soon

Labyrinth of Druids coming to Kickstarter soon

MidDream Studios, the developers behind the freemium, fancier word for free-to-play, dark fantasy MMORPG Labyrinth of Druids is preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the previous mentioned title.

Labyrinth of Druids combines the old-school World of Warcraft game mechanics and fantasy world with the dark horror atmosphere found in Lovecraft-inspired novels and video games. The game will feature an unpredictable and unique narrative. It’s dark atmosphere will be heightened by the haunting music. Thanks to the hardcore difficulty of the game, only a select few will be able to finish the game as the mindset needed to finish the game is similar to the mindset you need for games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne. In fact, the fantasy world of Labyrinth of Druids will cause players to question their senses as well as their sanity. Rooted deeply in ancient Egyptian and Celtic mythology, dark rituals will be an essential part of the game experience.

The players will play as Druids, beings with animal shape-shifting abilities and elemental magic. Every character will have a unique animal form but the challenging multiplayer aspect may cause some trouble. Aside from defeating NPC’s, you can also go against other players in a PvP-like arena setting. Teamwork is welcomed in the game as you can go against mighty creatures but more often than not, you’ll need to face these demons alone. While these demons are visible, the game provides a twist in the form of an invisible enemy – a curse that spreads amongst the players. Once infected with this disease, you are tasked to find a time within a limited time span. If you don’t succeed, you’ll lose control of your character. Then the waiting game begins as you’ll need to wait until a player kills you, or you’ll remain trapped forever and thus your fate lays in the hands of others.

The Kickstarter campaign is planned to launch in March. An alpha version of the game is scheduled to release in the winter of 2017 for backers of this campaign. While the release dates are confirmed, they are always subject to change since Labyrinth of Druids is currently under development by one man only.

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