Lara Croft back to raid PCs January 28

Lara Croft back to raid PCs January 28

After being remarkably well received on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Rise of the Tomb Raider will now also be playable on PC and Steam. In this epic adventure, Lara wants to finish her father’s research and of above all clear his name. An ancient mystery is unraveled and so the hero sets out to find the secret of immortality in the most desolate places in the world.

Rise of the Tomb Raider features:

– Deadly tombs: investigate locations full of hidden secrets, ancient puzzles and deadly traps
– Dangerously beautiful world: Conquer a world in which every secret brings danger. Survive the landscapes, take on wild animals and discover the wide and interactive locations
– Guerrilla-action: Use your surroundings to your advantage. Adjust Lara’s gear, sow confusion by using self-made explosions and make good use of the hero’s bow and axe.

There will be three different editions:

– Standard Edition: available as digital download and retail version. Contains the game
– Digital Deluxe Edition: Contains the game and a Season Pass which gives access to all future DLC content
– Collector’s Edition: Contains the Digital Deluxe version, a 12 inch / 30 cm tall statuette of Lara Croft, a replica of her journal and a steelbook

Rise of the Tomb Raider will be playable for PC and Steam on January 28.

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