Largo Winch #20 20 Seconden – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Jean Van Hamme
Illustrations: Philippe Francq
Coloring: Yoann Guillo, Bertrand Denoulet, Philippe Francq
Publisher: Dupuis

Largo Winch #20 20 Seconden – Comic Book Review

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Bad: After a promising start the story doesn't get much more complicated
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Inheriting a business empire worth ten billion is something some of us might dream of, but it comes with great responsibilities. Largo Winch knows that very well, as he has had to do many a thing already to ensure his place at the top of Group W, as well as to keep his company safe. And this is no different in this new album ‘20 seconden’. 


Largo Winch, executive manager of Group W, calls all of his associates together for a meeting at their headquarters in London. They all stay at the Royal Sword Hotel, which is in the hands of Group W. Also Domenica Leone, a sculptor, stays at the hotel, as there is an exhibition of her work in the city. She knows Largo and introduces her to her new friend Saïdee, who she just met at the airport. Saïdee convinces Largo to buy one of Domenica’s works, and Largo immediately falls for her charms. What he doesn’t know however, is that Saïdee is part of a jihadist organization, led by imam Abdul Ahmad, who plans an attack during the big board of the Winch Group. To make things even more complicated, this too is a scam, as Saïdee only infiltrated this jihadist organization on behalf of a CIA agent, who in turn works for a Russian businessman. Complicated, you say? Well brace yourself, this is only what is explained on page one.

The rest of the album tells us more about why Largo called in a meeting, as well as his relationship with Saïdee, if that’s the right way to call it, since they only know each other a day. Saïdee goes missing, leaving Largo worried sick. Meanwhile arrangements are made to transport the statue Largo bought to his headquarters, where it will be placed in the meeting room on the top floor with the help of a helicopter, and of course with all the necessary media attention. All while an attack is still being plotted…

On the first page of this issue there is a lot of information given, which immediately provides a good dose of suspicion and wonder. Many questions are raised all at once, and knowing that an attack is planned on the Winch Group, you can only hope for the best. After the mood is set, the story moves at a steady pace. Despite all the excitement raised on page one, the story doesn’t get much more complicated. Instead, there are a lot of side characters who get some time to shine as well, although this feels a bit unnecessary as they do not really add to the plot. Then again, it is a nice side note, as this makes it all a bit more airy. Jean Van Hamme did a very good job combining action with more plain scenes to add some fun.

Philippe Francq took care of the illustrations for this issue. They look quite sophisticated, which suits Largo Winch’s business world well. The colors are usually all quite dark toned, but this also adds to the overall feel of the series.


In Largo Winch #20 20 seconden Jean Van Hamme doesn’t waste any time raising a lot of questions right from the start. After that the story moves somewhat slower, gradually answering the questions you might have. It’s an original approach, although the story is more straightforward than we might have expected. Despite this minor flaw, this album is still worth reading, as there still is enough excitement throughout the issue to keep things interesting.

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Largo Winch #20 20 Seconden - Comic Book Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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